Dawn of the Sky [Live streaming event]

Dawn of the Sky [Live streaming event]

“Dawn of the Sky”
[Live streaming event]

The closing event of Sumida River Storm and Urge is a live streaming event, which will be broadcasted from the Tokyo Skytree observation deck, featuring a variety of live performances and talks by Japan’s top artists.


About a year and a half has passed since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the future still remains uncertain. By starting at midnight and greeting the sunrise together with the viewers, we will deliver the dawn (= the dawning of the day, or in other words, “the dawn of a new era,” the beginning of a new era before something takes shape.) through the screen.


We will transmit the forefront of artistic expression in Tokyo to the world from the sky of the world’s tallest freestanding radio tower, and depict the future of art and culture.




Date and time:Saturday, September 4th, 24:00 midnight – Sunday, September 5th, 5:00 am Live Streaming

Venue: Tokyo Sky Tree Observation Deck, Floor 350

Free live streaming (no registration necessary)

Streaming URL: https://bit.ly/3kOiClX

The whole event will be streamed live only. Some parts will be archived after being edited.



00:00-00:10 OPENING

00:10-00:40 ”Hokusai Music Expo”

00:40-00:55 ”Hama-rikyu Ambient” Shuta Hasunuma etc

00:55-01:10 ”Carrying the Words Across × ELECTRONICOS FANTASTICOS! “All Electronics Are Brothers”” Seiko Ito, Setsuko Miyao, Ei Wada+Nicos Orchest-Lab

01:10-01:50 ”Girls, Spinning and Weaving” Saho Terao, Ichiko Aoba

01:50-02:50 ”To Continue to be me being a water drop” Toshiro Inaba

02:50-03:10 ”Great Kanto Earthquake Harrowing Stories” UA (recitation),+Akiko Nakayama

03:10-03:40 ”REPRESENT EAST TOKYO” NIPPS x Shun Ishiwaka / FRANKEN x Raiga Hayashi / Kizal x Kousuke Tsuji / MACKA-CHIN x Atsushi Matsushita

03:40-04:20 ”Lighthouse” KOM_I +Leila Pakzad

04:20-04:40 ”Muyuge, a story book by Takeko Kujo from Taisho era” UA+Akiko Nakayama

04:40-05:16 ”Sunrise Meditation” GOMA